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Improve your world from right where you are. Look below for opportunities to volunteer from home.  

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Today’s Favorites

Assist with current research with The Zooniverse

Offer visual assistance for the visually impaired via Be My Eyes

Mentor a student from a low income community through iCouldbe

Read and record books for Librivox to make them available for free on the internet

Help Someone

Become a Granny

Provide positive encouragement for children through The Granny Cloud. Grannies can be males or females over the age of 21. 

Lend an Ear

Offer emotional support to people who just need someone to talk to as an online volunteer listener at 7 Cups.

Be an Angel

Apply at Chemo Angels to provide comfort and encouragement through weekly letters to someone undergoing chemotherapy.  They offer three angel levels for varying commitment abilities.

Support Victims of Trafficking and Abuse

Ark of Hope for Children has several opportunities to help those victimized as children by trafficking, child abuse and bullying.  You can offer support as a listener or mentor, or by spreading awareness for this crucial cause.

Be a Mentor

Apply at iCouldBe to mentor a student from a low-income community for one hour each week during the school year (September—June).  Cheer your mentee on through all the challenges and successes they meet.

Help the World

Lend Your Eyesight

Sign up on the Be My Eyes app as a sighted volunteer and share your eyesight over visual phone calls to assist blind and low-vision people.  You could help with all sorts of tasks, from reading expiration dates to matching an outfit to the right shoes!

Volunteer for the United Nations

Search through the UN online portal to find online volunteer opportunities that suit your lifestyle as well as your passions.  You can skim their current open opportunities here.

Assist with Current Research

There are many exciting research projects at The Zooniverse that need your help.  Help identify animals (and poachers!) on thermal images, transcribe handwritten materials from Shakespeare’s buddies, examine tuberculosis samples for bacterial growth to determine antibiotic resistance.

Knit a Knocker

Knitted Knockers is a fabulous organization that provides knitted breast prosthesis for strong women who have undergone breast surgery.  They offer patterns for various sizes and an address where you can send unfilled knockers. You can also find links to knocker-knitting groups in your area on their website.

Lend Your Voice

Volunteer for LibriVox to read and record books that are no longer under copyright (published before 1923), and make them available for free on the internet.

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