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What will you create?

Explore the categories below. You’ll find introductory tutorials and project kits to help free the creative beast inside you.  So get started and find your new thing!


There is more to pencil lead than stick figures and the “stussy S.” High school notebooks will be jealous of the doodles you’ll be throwing down after watching these tutorials. 


Are you a Monet or a Picasso? I’m more a master of the kindergarten arts. Painting is a joy, whatever your style.


Explore various types of craft projects, from paper art to Shibori tie dye. Making candles is so much easier than you think. 

Music Lessons

Here are a few simple ways to dip your toe into the melody pool. You’ll see beginner lessons for ukulele, piano, singing, and spoons! What kind of music is inside you?

Indoor Garden

You might not get to explore the outdoors often, but you can bring the outdoors indoors. Look here for interesting ways to introduce petals and greens to your space.  


Delivery Kits and Subscriptions

Remember those days where your second grade teacher greeted you with popsicle sticks, glue, feathers, and a meaningful project? People have figured out how to put that day in a box! Browse through DIY kits that can be delivered right to your door. 

Show and Tell

Send pictures of your creations and we will share them on our instagram! Below are some of the recent posts of indoor life from our community. 

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