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Your work is incredible. Do you do pet portraits?

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Some Basics to Get You Started

Painting feels amazing. It is messy and forgiving and you can create something that is filled with life. Take a look at these tutorials to find a method that suits you.

Watercolor Effects


Use watercolors to create mist, furry animals, reflections in water, and rays of light.  Thank you, Makoccino.

Acrylic and Watercolor forest


Make a night sky with watercolors and splattered acrylic stars.  Trees were added with acrylics, but the artist encourages you to be flexible.  Thank you Ahmed Art.

Layered Watercolor Flowers

Layer watercolor petals to create delicate spring flowers.  Thank you Emma Lefebvre.

Tree from acrylics

Use crumpled aluminum foil and acrylics to paint a soft autumn tree. The artist uses household items and simple steps for this piece.  Thank you Jay Lee Painting.


Acrylic Apples

This video shows us how to use acrylic paints to make realistic apples. They look delicious. Thank you PaintBasket.

Oil Painting Trees

The artist walks us throught the dos and don’t of painting fir tree using oil paints.  Quick and easy!  Thank you Wilsonbickford.

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