Music Lessons

What’s that racket?!

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Find your instrument

Explore the endless ways to make music and find something you can enjoy practicing.  Below are examples of instruments you can play at home or even in bed (keyboard for piano). Play electric instruments through headphones if you are shy.


Learn a few techniques to let that angel’s voice out.  Thank you Ramsey Voice Studio.


Ukelele basics.  You’ll be playing tunes by the end of the day!  Thank you JustinGuitar.

Digital Music

Here’s an entertaining introduction to digital music.  Andrew Huang shows us a few available apps and programs that we can use to generate electronic music.  Great video.  Thank you Andrew Huang!

Cheater's Piano

Sean Daniel shows us that you don’t have to know how to play piano to SOUND like you know how to play piano. I love this video. Thank you Sean Daniel.



Why not?  Most people have access to two spoons and a beat!  Thank you David Holt from banjofolk.

Ukulele "You Are My Sunshine"

TenThumbs Productions teaches us to play “You Are My Sunshine” on the ukulele.   Even if you’re holding a ukulele for the very first time, you will be able to strum along with this classic in no time.

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