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Take an online class on something that interests you.  It’s easy and requires no commitment. This is learning for enjoyment.

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What are you curious about?

Nutrition?  Sharks? History of the C.I.A.?  Check out the following websites. They have thousands of classes for you to explore. Buy individual courses or subscribe for access to a site’s entire library. And there are no homework or exams to diminish the fun.

The Great Courses

The Great Courses offer college level courses taught by the world’s top professors. The subject matter is broad; you can learn about history, the culinary arts, science, philosophy and much more. The Great Courses Plus is their subscription plan. It can cost as little as $15 per month with a three month commitment.


Udemy offers 150,000 different courses taught by leading experts.  You can learn about virtually anything here.  There is no subscription plan, but the individual courses are reasonably priced.  

Master Class

Master Class is known for incredible production quality and entertainment value.  The courses are taught by well-known industry leaders, including famous authors, actors, and musicians.  The focus leans heavily in the arts.  This is the school to look to for inspiration.  It is affordable in the long run, but they require an intimidating one-time payment of $180 for a year’s subscription. 

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