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You can DIY! These projects kits are delivered directly to your door. That way you can dive right into a new hobby without having to research the hows and whats of the game. Have fun! 

Crafts Subscription Box

Learn a new craft every month with the Adults & Crafts Subscription Box. Each kit comes with new materials, tools, and instructions for an awesome project.

Paint & Plant Kit

Paint the planter and plant markers for this cheery growing kit. Then start growing cosmos, zinnia, and marigolds!  

Murder Mystery Subscription Box

Solve a murder mystery with Hunt A Killer. Each case is revealed over 6 months, with a box of clues delivered to your door monthly. Sift through ciphers and clues. Go over the evidence. Who did it?!

Japanese Origami Kit

Learn to make 20 classic origami models. This beginners kit includes a 96-page origami book, 72 origami papers, and an instructional DVD. 

Embroidery Starter

Make gorgeous hand stitched designs. This beginners kit by Caydo includes 3 floral pattern embroidery clothes, 3 plastic embroidery hoops, color threads, and tools.

Dala Horse Carving

Dabble in wood carving, painting, and Swedish culture with this fun Dala Horse kit by BeaverCraft. The company also sells rectangular wood blocks for your imagination to shape. Whittle away! 

Unwind Lavender Set

Bamboo pot with self-watering system, lavender seeds, flower and cedar wood scented soy blend candle, bedtime pillow mist, eye mask… Sorry, I drifted off.

Indoor Herb Garden Kit

This rustic Garden Republic kit includes everything you’ll need to cultivate organic cilantro, parsley, thyme, and basil. Get growing!

Bonsai Tree Seed Kit

This darling kit by Garden Republic includes seeds and planters for 4 types of miniature bonsai trees and everything else you will need to grow them.

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