Indoor Garden

Bring the wild outdoors into your home with indoor plants

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Help it Grow

Cultivate life in your living space. Grow herbs for flavor, flowers for cheer, or greenery for serenity. I prefer plants that look like miniature trees, like ginseng.

Grow Herbs in Water

Liven up your window sill with fragrant and delicious herbs. This tutorial will get you started. Thank you Natural Ways.

Living Terrarium

This soothing video introduces the art of living terrariums. Thank you NATURALLPOT.

Living Succulent Frame

Bao shows us how to make living succulent wall art.  You can make one from scratch or get a head start with one of their DIY kits.  Thank you

Houseplants 101

Simple tips for choosing and caring for houseplants.   Thank you Pick Up Limes.

How to Grow Airplants

Stephen Orr introduces us to an “almost unkillable plant.” Watch as he explains the basics for growing airplants. Thank you, Better Homes and Gardens.

Moss Wall Art

Alvin Loc teaches us how to make zero-maintenance wall art using preserved moss. You’ll feel like you’re deep in the forest with this on your wall. Thank you, KeppelLandFolks.


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