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The good in the universe needs more encouragement.  Contribute to a better world by giving positivity your attention, and maybe even sharing it with others.  Here are some places to look for new artists, inspirational stories, and cool new inventions. 



Positive news stories

Artist database

Fresh ideas and inventions

Silly yet useful science

Be inspired

Learn about new artists at Artsy. The talent out there is inspiring. Follow or even collect your favorites!

Improbable Research

Research that makes you laugh and then think. This is the house of the ig Nobel prizes, which honor the unusual and imaginative. Past ig Nobel awards include a physics prize for research exploring how wombats produce cube-shaped poo.


Browse new inventions, innovations, and products. It’s astonishing what people come up with.

Nobel Prize hardly needs an introduction. Nevertheless- this is a place to read about and support those who contribute to our world in some of the most meaningful and impactful ways.

See the world improve

The Good News Network

Browse news that is organized by categories like “heroes,” “inspiring,” and “animals.” This is where you will hear about that donkey who rescued his family from a fire. Visit any time you get the feeling that the world is turning sour, because it’s also always sweet.  Good News only.

Science News

Science News brings us advances in science, medicine, and technology. Explore topics like “humans,” “life,” or “space.”

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