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Ready your notebook

Here are several tutorials to expand those pencil skills.  Remember to have fun with it!  Mistakes in art can lead to beautiful results.

Cartoon Cat

Once again, Christopher Hart shows us the way.  Draw an adorable evil genius kitten.  Thank you Christopher Hart!


Hollymarie_art walks us through the basics of drawing faces. She will help you make a human look like a human.

Sitting Bear

This is my favorite.  Learn how to draw the cutest little bear cub.  Thank you Christopher Hart.

3D Hole

Trick you mind with 3 dimensional art!  Try this simple illusion from PIN KORO.

Water Drop

Fine Art-Tips show us how to draw an easy water drop.  The water is darkest on the side that the light hits first!  Shocking.

Realistic Eyeball

This tutorial breaks drawing an eyeball into the simplest steps. The teacher is so clear and concise; you will learn a dozen drawing tricks without feeling like you worked for it. Thank you Mr. Otter Art Studio.

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