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What Will You Make?

Try wreathes, paper flowers, shadow boxes, anything you can imagine. Below are a few ideas to inspire. Decorate your space with your creations or give them to your favorite person. We all know that homemade gifts are the best gifts.

How to Knit

Learn the basics of knitting. Soon you’ll be making bright scarves and drink koozies. Thank you RJ Knits!

How to Crochet

Beginning instruction for the future crochet master.  Thank you simplydaisy.

How to Shibori Tie Dye

Shibori is a beautiful method of dying fabrics.  This tutorial presents three easy techniques that result in three different patterns.  Thank you Bluprint.

Make a Floral Hoop

I adore this video. It feels like a close friend is showing you how to get crafty.  The teacher makes this fun.  Thank you Bloom Culture Flowers.

Make Paper Flowers

Build a festive bouqet of tissue paper flowers.  These make such a cute gift or party decoration.  Thank you eHow.

Make a Candle

Make your own candle.  You can add whatever scents you choose, and get creative with containers!  Thank you Naturally Brittany.

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