Ten Slippers To Fit Your Personality

Which one are you?


All you need is purpose, connection, and a great pair of slippers.  We’ve compiled a list of ten slippers for ten different personalities. Can you find your match?


You might not be wearing your diamond studded party heals any time soon, but there’s no need to say goodbye to mood boosting footwear.  The slipper is, by a long shot, the most whimsical shoe in the closet. Feathers? Sure. Sequins? Throw those on, too. And we know that zoomorphic fashion peaked when they put bunny ears on our toes. The only rule of slippers is that they must make you smile. 


My own favorite slippers are a pair of pink shearling-lined peep-toe wedges with toe poufs.  I couldn’t pull them off outside of my own home, but when I slide my feet into those ostentatious little gems, I feel like an old Hollywood starlet.  Let’s see if we can find a pair to showcase YOUR inner creature.

Find Your Match

The Glamorous Mogul

“My entire house is made of marble.”

The Forest Dweller

“Don’t eat the white berries.”

The Young Heart

“Everything is better with sprinkles.”

The City Girl

“All a woman needs is a silk kimono and a martini.”

The Old Hollywood

“I start the day with a glass of champagne.”

The Ballerina

“I speak French and spend hours in my window seat.”

The Relaxed Gentleman

“Cold-brew and video games.”

The Tiger King

“People want to be me.”

The Lord of the Manor

“The hunt starts at dawn.”

The Total Baller

“They’re Gucci.”
Which slipper are you? Tell us in the comments below. New slipper ideas and quotes highly encouraged. Thanks for Reading!