You Need 3 Things    

You need three things in order to live a meaningful indoor life – purpose, connection, and a great pair of slippers. Being stuck indoors because of a limited lifestyle can be bleak.  The world inside our homes (or hospitals) can become repetitive and isolated pretty quickly.  And it’s easy to feel like we aren’t part of our community when we can’t connect with or contribute to it.  

Have you ever thought, “life is happening out there and I’m in here missing it?”  Or “I’m not living.  I’m just surviving?”  I hear ya. But don’t worry. You can live a meaningful life indoors. You can feel human. It takes a little work, but the work is enjoyable.  You only need those three things to rise above “just surviving” – purpose, connection, and a great pair of slippers.  How you seek those things is up to you, but keep it interesting.


Your life needs meaning.  There are endless ways to achieve this, even when you can’t get out of bed.  The bones of the beast is improvement.  Improve yourself or your world today and you are a better person tomorrow.  We must have a foot in tomorrow to live a meaningful life.  Improve your world by volunteering online.  There is a list of fun and easy options on our volunteer page.  Better yourself through learning.  Watch an interesting online class, and grow your knowledge base.  Cultivate a new hobby.  You can find some ideas on our Projects page if you aren’t sure what you’d like to create. 

On days when pain or weariness hold you down, grow in strength.  Don’t ever just get through it.  Get through it and RECOGNIZE what you’ve done.  Respect the strength it takes to survive those difficult days and be proud of yourself.  You will have more strength and resilience tomorrow because of it.  We insiders know that the smallest act can take more strength than you thought you had, and we are impressed by that time you sat up to drink water, or tied your shoes, or smiled at someone who helped you.  We understand how amazing that is. 


You are far from alone in this lifestyle.  The trouble is that most of your community are isolated, themselves.  There are millions of people who live this way, and we have loads in common. Check out the Indoor Life Facebook page to connect with other cave dwellers.  Send pictures of your indoor life to our instagram and leave a comment or two on other people’s posts.  It is easier and easier to make friendships from afar.  Sign up for a pen pal! 

It’s natural to lose relationships when you can’t show up in person.  But our world is providing new paths of connection every day.  It takes effort but it’s doable and a whole lot of fun.  At the very least, be aware that you are part of our community, and we are strong in numbers (and pizazz). 

A Great Pair of Slippers

You need a great pair of slippers.  This is code for “you need something silly to make you smile.”  The dark and tangled woods aren’t so bad when you get through them on the back of a unicorn.  Find those small things that bring you joy.  My slippers are pink peep toe wedges with a toe pouf and they make me feel simultaneously ridiculous and fancy.  

What gives you a little lift?  It can be a trinket, a funny coffee mug, a comic strip, an ostrich feather robe (I want one so badly).  Draw a picture of a butt and pin it on your wall.  Butts are funny.  Relish the little things. 

Live Wonderfully Now

Thank you for reading.  Explore to find inspiration for a fabulous indoor life.  And, of course, keep an eye on the blog.  Remember to strive for purpose and connection.  Let that smile out every chance you get.  And live wonderfully now.

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