Hello, insiders. It’s me, Stephanie, and Ruthie (the dog). I’m desperate to write about slippers, but first, I should tell you what to expect from this blog. This Indoor Life is meant for anyone who is living their life stuck indoors, whether in a hospital, a house, or a cave. I imagine that the pattern of content will evolve, but there are several characteristics that I intend to cling too. Let me explain.

When I was in the pits, utterly trapped in my bed and, in turn, my mind, there were several things that I yearned for. Life seemed to stop for me. I lost my purpose, my connections, and any sense of anticipation. I craved all three. Now that I am able, I intend to deliver those things to you, my fellow insiders. We will find ways to improve ourselves and our worlds from within our walls. We will find connection through our shared lifestyle, not our burdens. And I will aim to provide something to look forward to each week.

I realize that I’m making this sound like a mission for us all. It is! But I fully intend to pepper it with glamorous loungewear, books, and decor. While it is possible, I wouldn’t push any of my friends to tackle something big without a few easy smiles to fuel the trip.

I look forward to creating a world with you, one where we can connect and live our lives, from whatever cave we’re stuck in. Welcome, and thank you for reading. The next post will definitely be about slippers.