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This Indoor Life

This Indoor Life is for all of us who, for various reasons, spend our days inside.  We are an enormous community, one with shared interests and inside jokes.  We can point you to the best shows on Netflix. We love authors with searing gratitude.  We would slap someone if they stole our favorite mug. We also share a few special problems-  we’re stuck indoors and we’re isolated, even from each other.      

I made this site because sometimes we feel like life is happening outside and we’re missing it.  Maybe you’re waiting until you can rejoin it, or maybe getting out there isn’t in your crystal ball.  But we are not apart from life. We are living right now, and there are ways to make our indoor lives spectacular.  After all, there are millions of us. It’s high time we created a world for ourselves.  

At This Indoor Life you will find fun and easy ways to bring meaning into your life without leaving your house/hospital/cave.  I will find you volunteer opportunities that don’t involve repeat commitment or physical presence, links to online learning opportunities, and ostentatious leisurewear (because let’s make this fun).  Keep an eye on my blog for items and ideas hand-picked just for us. 

Let’s highlight our community of insiders, join together, and grab some happiness, because we’re living now.  All it takes is purpose, connection, and a great pair of slippers.


My Story

How I Got Started

Indoor life can be tough. I’ve been there. I spent a long time stuck in bed, in pain. I felt useless, pointless, and isolated. My health was my entire life.

Eventually, I grew so tired of myself that I started to think about others (whoa). I began making stories for children who were spending their days in bed. I imagined little adventures and typed them up when I was strong enough. I turned to online courses and books to become a better story maker. I joined writing groups on facebook and became part of a community that had nothing to do with my disease. And suddenly, I was happy. I still spent most of my time in my bed, but I stopped feeling like I was waiting for life. I had found purpose and connection, and that’s the key.

It has become evident to me, through my old career in medicine and my new participation in certain social media groups, that we insiders are many. This Indoor Life is my way of creating a world just for us that brings us together and helps us live our lives alongside our struggles. And hopefully, it will bring you some smiles.

This Indoor life Philosophy

There are three things that all humans need. Reach for these and you will find yourself leading a meaningful life.


Find purpose by improving yourself and the world around you.


Connect with others. It’s getting easier and easier to form real relationships from afar.

A Great Pair of slippers

Surround yourself with things that make you smile.  

“The world is so full of a number of things, I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings” – Robert Louis Stevenson

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