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This Indoor Life is for all of us who, for various reasons (disability, tricky health, newborn sextuplets, et cetera), spend our days stuck inside. Here you will find ways to bring meaning and fun into your life, wherever you are.


Keep an eye on the blog to see goods and ideas hand-picked for a fabulous indoor life. 

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Here is a collection of advice for great indoor living from the pros (and sometimes me).

Grow the Good

Direct your attention to the world’s heroes, innovators, and artists.  Look to “Grow the Good” for links to sites that showcase today’s do-gooders.

Learn Something New

No tests. No homework. No prerequisites. Is there something that you are curious about? There is probably a class for that.  Look here for reputable online classes.


Let’s see what you can create. Explore kits and beginner tutorials for painting, indoor gardening, musical instruments, and more. Find your new hobby.


There are many wonderful ways to help your community from home. Make a difference without even leaving your blankets.

This Indoor life Philosophy

There are three things that all humans need. Reach for these and you will find yourself leading a meaningful life.


Find purpose by improving yourself and the world around you.


Connect with others. It’s getting easier and easier to form real relationships from afar.

A Great Pair of slippers

Surround yourself with things that make you smile.  

Show and Tell

Send in your creations to be shared on This Indoor Life’s Instagram feed.

Latest From Our Blog

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Virtual Vacation to a Tropical Island

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